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The Cheltenham Shopping Village

The Cotswolds premiere destination on all things fashion

 Shopping at The Festival™ is open to Tattersall and Club enclosure ticket holders. It offers an ideal retail opportunity with plenty of shops and something to suit every taste and budget.

With over 70 stands, Cheltenham’s Shopping Village rarely disappoints. Providing a unique shopping experience enabling you to discover exceptional pieces you just won’t find on the high street. Show casing hand-picked collections of unique gifts, beautiful homeware and stunning fashions you’re sure to find that statement piece to be admired by all.

Next to The Shopping Village is The Avenue. Take a stroll down here to see the Bentley showroom, Savile Row Tailors Huntsman and the wonderful jewellery Boodles have on display.

Whatever the weather and however the horses may be running, a visit to The Shopping Village is a must-do.

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View the shops at The Festival™ 2018 here
The Cheltenham Shopping Village